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AID Asia Vi cong dong Trung tâm Phát triển Nông thôn Bền vững VPA/FLEGT

Cập nhật : 2016-10-14

Lượt xem : 677

The project ‘Increasing capacity of CSOs and SMEs to implement FLEGT requirements’ is executed by project partners NEPCon and SFMI, supported by the EU for a three-year period with a 450,000 EUR budget.
The overall objective of the project is to encourage the participation of civil society organisations and the private sector in the FLEGT process by strengthening the capacity of intermediary organisations (i.e., industry associations, NGOs, heads of wood processing villages, private consultants, etc...) that work with hard to reach stakeholders (i.e. SMEs) in the Vietnamese timber industry.
The specific objective of the project aims to increase the capability of SMEs to implement systems that allow them to comply with FLEGT legality requirements, by strengthening the capacity of the intermediary organisations that work with them.
These objectives will be achieved by:
 Awareness raising among SMEs in the timber industry to inform them of their role in the FLEGT process and of the tools developed by this project.
 Identifying legality risks for Vietnam and top five importing countries where wood is sourced from.
 Developing a toolkit for legality risk mitigation specifically designed for SMEs in Vietnam.
 Conducting expert training for 15 intermediary organisations (industry associations, NGOs, large enterprises, etc…), teaching them how to use the toolkit and how to teach SMEs to use it. These experts in turn provide training to 300-500 SMEs.
 Conducting pilot test verifications at 20-25 SME sites to ensure effective use.
Please provide the following items as part of your proposal:
 Description of experience of conducting research or evaluations that utilise the relevant
skills (i.e. questionnaire’s, analysis of qualitative information, critical thinking, etc.)
 Description of experience with the Vietnamese timber industry and the CSOs working
with them, plus any experience with FLEGT (this would be highly advantageous)
 Example(s) of at least one evaluation report, where possible (in English)
 Outline of proposed methodology and work plan
 CV(s) of staff who would undertake the evaluation
Send your application to VNFLEGT@nepcon.net
Phone number: +84 (0)43200 5755
Website: https://flegt-tools.org/


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